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Our Clients

Kaycee Ellis

Had an absolute wonderful ultrasound from Mrs. Pam. We had lots of people come for a gender reveal and what a personal joy it was! We’ll be going back!

Jennifer Kasko

Pam worked with us almost our entire pregnancy, from 14 weeks until 36. She was not just attentive, but friendly and made sure we were comfortable at every ultrasound. Truly enjoyed the experience.

Monique Ethan Fischer

Pam is amazing at what she does. We have had the best experience both times. I highly recommend her

Kaylyn Hucko

We were gifted with a session with Pam & I cannot recommend her enough. She was knowledgeable, welcoming and funny. I would definitely recommend her!

Nina Collins

Thank You Very Much! I am so glad that I found your place online. I was in my twenty-second week and really wanted to find out if my baby was going to be a boy or a girl. Your experts were very kind and caring – it was a pleasure visiting your office. Thank you very much for your help!

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